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Draw Bore Pegs

Draw Bore Pegs Joinery Traditional Joinery Traditional Woodworking

Draw bore pegs have been used in traditional woodworking and timber framing for centuries. This simple, yet lasting, joint has been used in everything from dinning furniture to barns. The only difference is the scale of the joint. This joint is found often in Arts and Crafts furniture, along with Shaker and other period furniture designs. Further, when done correctly, the joint is both elegant and strong. I recently made a project with draw bore pegs, and I made my pegs the traditional way. It was a lot of work, however it is the only way, in my opinion, to honor the not only the joint, but also the furniture and the craftsman who mastered the joint. The joint consists of a common mortise and tenon, that has been modified with a through hole in the mortise, and a slightly offset hole in the the tenon. This offset hole draws the joint nice and tight, and allows for clamp free construction.